What does Fuckboy mean?

A slang term for a man, usually young, who will say or do anything to sleep with someone without establishing a strong relationship. Their aim is sex, not partnership.


Other definitions of Fuckboy:

  • A name for a boy or man who pursues sexual partners with the ultimate goal of moving on, rather than establishing a long relationship. They will employ any tactic they think will work, which involves lying or making promises.
  • A young male who's aim is to sleep with as many partners as possible, and will cheat, lie, and manipulate others to reach this goal.
  • A manipulative person who seeks to sleep with someone and then run, usually with the aim of cutting ties and sleeping with someone else. May be stylized as "Fuck Boy" as well.

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How to use the term

  • I knew I should leave that fuckboy on read and not fall into his games. I've got my grades and friends to worry about, not that boy's drama.

  • It turns out he was a fuckboy, so after we had that little fling, he ghosted me and hasn't shown up since.

  • Every fuck boy is a liar.


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