What does Fling mean?

A slang term for a short-term relationship, often defined by sexual relations.


Other definitions of Fling:

  • A quick, no-strings-attached relationship. The term is evocative of something being cast aside or thrown away.
  • Relationship that is fairly short. More romantic than a one night stand or a friend with benefits, but still non-committal.
  • A non-serious relationship between two people — may be defined by companionship or sex, but neither is necessary.
  • A dalliance or or short affair between two people, often where both partners know how quick things will end.

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How to use the term

  • Yeah. We had a fling last summer.

  • Is this just a fling to you?

  • Think of this as a fling, nothing more.

  • Fling or not, I love you!


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