What does FAE mean?

A term for a mythical or legendary creature found in many European cultures. Including fairies, the term may refer to many folklore entities that are metaphysical or spiritual in nature.


Other definitions of FAE:

  • Depending on context, can describe a subset of magical creatures within Folklore. As with many fantasy components, different groups may have wildly different understandings and limitations on what fae/fairy may do in their worlds.
  • A Scot word for "From"
  • An acronym for Field Applications Engineer, whose duties include technical support for salesmen and marketing at technology companies
  • A shortening of Faerie, the Early Modern English word, meaning "realm of the fays". This catchall term can refer to creatures or objects related to certain supernatural folklore. Fairies, mermaids, selkies, and satyrs are just a few examples of Fae creatures.

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How to use the term

  • You have met the fae on your travels? Pray tell of your adventures.

  • A lithe fae creature transfixed me within those woods. Friend or foe, I dare not say.

  • Whaur are ye fae?

  • The FAE often travels with a salesman to local customer sites.


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