What does EDGY mean?

A slang term for people who try to be cool, but go overboard, causing others to cringe.


Other definitions of EDGY:

  • Can refer to being tense or irritable, as in "being on the edge".
  • On the forefront of a trend; there before everyone is doing it.
  • Labels an action that is meant to be cool, but are actually cringeworthy. Common among teenagers, who are trying to impress others and are often awkward, specifically those with goth or emo aesthetics.
  • Can mean "cutting edge".

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How to use the term

  • Oh god. He is so edgy in that dumb leather jacket and fedora. Yikes.

  • Don't be so edgy and defensive. Nobody is making fun of your Jazz collection.

  • We were listening to some avant-garde, edgy stuff, man. Real cool stuff.

  • Dude, don't be all edgy around these guys. I really want to actually impress them.

  • What an edgy look!


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