What does Dub mean?

A slang term for the letter "W" which has come to symbolize "win" in sports terminology.


Other definitions of Dub:

  • A slang abbreviation of the word "double".
  • A shortening of "dubbing", which is the process of rerecording or editing audio for video production. Often used for changing the spoken language in media, or inserting humorous lines.
  • Within cannabis culture, can refer to a joint (a marijuana cigarette) or 20 dollars worth of drugs.
  • A subgenre of Reggae music that was popularized in the late 1960s that employs remixing, rerecording, and transmuting audio tracks to emphasis certain traits, like their drum and bass. Can refer to specific versions of songs that have been modified. This style was further stressed and augmented in the 1990s to give birth to the dubstep genre.
  • Can refer to the number 20, when referring to cost or size.
  • A slang term for reject or ignore that is often used in reference to dating or flirting.
  • Can mean irrefutably bad or awful.

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How to use the term

  • Coach pushed and we were able to get the dub. We'll play just as hard next week.

  • Can I get a number six? And... make it a dub.

  • Sub or dub? There's only one right answer in the anime community.

  • Let me get a dub sack. We're going to be rolling some dubs later.

  • Remember in college when we took speed and played dub records all night? So fun.

  • When I say I'm rolling on dubs, mom, I'm referring to my twenty inch rims on my car. I'm not high.

  • I told them about my interests and they immediately dubbed me. Always other fish, I suppose.

  • When the author decided to kill the whole family? Dude, that's dub. Did them dirty.

Video related to Dub


Scientist On Dub | Red Bull Music Academy, YouTube

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Dub."
  • A small documentary of a recording artist, Hopeton Brown, known as Scientist, explaining some common traits of dub music as he creates a dub track with other artist.

    Throughout the video, examples of dub are played, often other-worldly, swimming sounds, that Scientist further refines to be even more hypnotizing.

  • Check it Out

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