What does Dope mean?

A slang term for anything excellent or exciting. This use gained popularity in the 1990s in hip-hop and rap culture.


Other definitions of Dope:

  • Depending on the era, can refer to illicit drugs, including opium, morphine, cocaine, heroine, and marijuana. More modernly, it can refer to performance enhancing drugs.
  • Can refer to a person who is a dullard or is stupid/slow. The use dates back to the mid 1800s and saw use in the Disney movie as a name for one of the dwarves "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves".
  • A slang term used for when something is awesome or chill.

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How to use the term Dope:

  • It would be so dope to drop into that Olympic halfpipe they use in the Winter games.

  • Out here slinging dope. Plenty of customers, we grindin'.

  • Don't be such a dope.

  • We had such a dope morning. Took our time getting out of bed and really got to chill.

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