What does Doggy mean?

In reference to sexual intercourse, a position where one partner crouches on fall fours and the other penetrates them from behind, similar to the position two dogs would take when mating.


Other definitions of Doggy:

  • Another name for a dog that is often employed by children.
  • Among close friends, can be a nickname, and extension of "dog" or "dawg".
  • A sex position where a person penetrates another from behind, visually similar to how animals, including dogs, would mate.
  • A term to describe something as "dog-like". This could be attitude, behaviors, or sexual positions.

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How to use the term Doggy:

  • We were pretty quick, a little big of doggy and we got out of there.

  • My partner likes doggy style more than I do.

  • "Mom! Look at the little doggy!"

  • Is this a doggy toy? Or maybe a cat toy?

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