What does Crackhead mean?

A slang term for an erratic or jumpy person. The term is a reference to crack cocaine addicts who often exhibit alarming behavior.


Other definitions of Crackhead:

  • Someone who is addicted to the street drug known as crack. The term can refer to anyone who is acting odd or desperate, as an addict might.
  • A term used to indicate somebody's eccentric or desperate behavior, often seen in drug addicts who are in need of a fix.
  • Anyone who is acting crazy, violent, or extremely out of character. Refers to addicts of the street drug crack cocaine. The drug's usage surged between the 1980s and the early 90s, which resulted in increased violence and crime in America's inner cities, which in turn resulted in tough on crime policies tied to the Reagan Administration's War on drugs.
  • A slang name for anyone acting crazy or absurd. Though the term originated as a reference to crack addicted people, actual substance abuse is not required for the label.

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How to use the term

  • A crackhead just jumped on the counter and started throwing everything around.

  • Stop being such a crackhead and buckle your seatbelt.

  • Correctly identifying the symptoms of addiction and noticing relapse behavior is essential. Don't just call someone a "crackhead".

  • This crackhead mouse is moving my pointer around too much.

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The Best of Tyrone Biggums - Chappelle’s Show, YouTube

  • A TV Show that mentions "Crackhead."
  • A compilation of the Chappelle's Show character Tyrone Biggums, played by Dave Chappelle. The character is an actual addict put in scrupulous situations — Chappelle does his best to comedically portray the behaviors of a "crackhead".

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