What does CBA mean?

An slang acronym that means "Can't Be Arsed" — used when something is beyond expending energy on.


Other definitions of CBA:

  • Stands for "cannot be arsed". Arsed is British slang for "concerned with or bothered", so this acronym means something is not worth your time or concentration.
  • At many universities, this acronym can stand for "College of Business Administration".
  • An acronym for "can't be arsed" that sees use in England, Australia, and New Zealand as a way to describe something that is not worth doing.
  • A acronym that stands for "Cost Benefit Analysis", a business procedure that is akin to a detailed "pro-con" list.
  • Can stand for "Certified Bad-Ass". A descriptor for someone who has proven just how cool they are.

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How to use the term

  • You know that I don't have time for any extra activities. So, CBA to another.

  • Person 1: Can you take over this time?
    Person 2: No, CBA.

  • You'll have to contact one of the C.B.A. advisors to see what career paths they can get you started on.

  • We'll run a CBA on this new investment opportunity, and we'll get back to the client after that.

  • Sure, I can flip a motorcycle while shooting two guns. I'm a C.B.A.


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