What does CATFISH mean?

A slang term for a fake or stolen identity that is used online in the attempt to start a deceptive relationship, often as a targeted attack.


Other definitions of CATFISH:

  • Somebody who pretends to be someone they are not and tries to start online relationships — there are various, nefarious reasons someone would conduct this behavior, like trolling, sexual pleasure, or financial gain.
  • The practice of adopting a false identity online and aiming to begin a relationship. This subterfuge and roleplay requires high-level lying skills to execute.
  • Using altered or completely fake material to create an online personality to trick someone via dating apps or social media into relations. This can be a photoshop that makes someone more attractive, or photos of completely different person.
  • Tricking someone, especially online, but faking who you are. The term originates from the 2010 documentary Catfish, in which a victim of catfishing, who finds out a 19-year old girl is actually a 40-year old housewife.

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How to use the term

  • I think you're being catfished. These photos look like two different people.

  • So, you're a catfish, right? There's no way this video is of you.

  • Well, I caught your dad catfishing another young kid. We've got a problem.

  • Catfish or not, I better get ready for my date.

  • I work in a division that tries to mitigate the number of catfish attempts on our platform. It's tough work.

Video related to CATFISH


Catfish - Trailer | Universal Pictures, YouTube

  • A Movie that mentions "CATFISH."
  • A trailer for the American documentary where the term Catfish originates. In the reality, thriller, a young man finds out the person he's been flirting with online is actually a very different person than he had imagined.

  • Check it Out

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