What does Butterface mean?

Refers to someone who is attractive, except in their face. Derived from "But their face..."


Other definitions of Butterface:

  • Used to refer to someone who is good looking, but their face may not be.
  • A modification of the term "But her face" that refers to someone you like, but do not find attractive in the face area.

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How to use the term

  • I would not call them a butterface; I think they're cute.

  • No way would I ever call someone butterface. It feels derogatory and sexist.


Deadpool calling himself a Butterface

  • A Movie that mentions "Butterface."
  • Near the end of the 2016 comedic superhero film Deadpool, the film's protagonist, who has suffered terrible burns by the film's villain call himself a "butterface".

  • Check it Out

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