What does BRO mean?

An abbreviation of "brother" — can either denote a close male friend, or can insult a stereotypical college age, fraternity member.


Other definitions of BRO:

  • Short for "brother". Similar to dude, man, or buddy, the term can be used to address anybody and have various tones depending on context.
  • A short version of "brother". Attached to the end of phrases to make them more jocular, this term saw a rise in popularity during the 2010s. The moniker comes from "bro culture", which is an evolution of later surf culture that is concerned with sports and partying. When combined with other adjectives, can further refine into either insult or endearing nickname.
  • A short nickname shared among young males who think of each other as brothers. When threatened, the term can also be used during intimidation stances to address opponents.
  • A slang term for close friends or confidants that are so close, they're like brothers. Similar to "sis" which is generally used among close female friends.

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How to use the term

  • What do you think bro? Should I keep my sideburns?

  • You know you're invited, bro.

  • A decisive action, bro, but you know I'm bound to win.

  • Bro! Get over here and check this out.

  • Pinch it off, bro! We're going to be late.

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  • A College Humor sketch in which a man is diagnosed as being a "basic bro". The sketch star Kerri Kenney as a conventional doctor who is explaining the basic bro behaviors (quoting too much media, being obsessed with sports, etc.) while the man's partner watches on in horror.

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