What does BOO mean?

An affectionate term for referring to a significant other.


Other definitions of BOO:

  • An exclamation that is used to startle or frighten.
  • An exclamation that shows discontent or disapproval (often from a crowd, in response to a performance).
  • A slang term for marijuana.
  • A Pomeranian dog that was popular on Facebook. Owned by a Facebook employee, this pup received over 16 million Likes on the platform before his death in early 2019.

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How to use the term BOO:

  • You know you're my boo, babe.

  • BOO! I got you! I knew I could scare you!

  • BOO! Get off the stage! BOO!

  • Let's smoke some boo and then get out of here.

  • I love Boo, he was just so cute and tiny!

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