What does Blacked mean?

A reference to the term "blacked out" — being so intoxicated that you wake up the next day without remember what happened or what you've done.


Other definitions of Blacked:

  • Pulled or redacted from viewing, as with text that is blacked out via heavy marker.
  • Similar to the terms boycott or blackballed, the term refers to the action of foregoing something, pretending it is no long an option.
  • A reference to the pornographic website Blacked that features young, usually white, women have intercourse with black men.

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How to use the term

  • That night when I blacked really hard and woke up in the forest is when I decided to make some changes. Now I moderate myself and drink socially.

  • We've blacked out any confidential information in the report, so you're team is free to take a look at their convenience.

  • Websites like Blacked capitalize on outdated stereotypes about black men and perpetuate inequities in the porno industry in many ways.


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