What does Ass Time mean?

A slang term for time that should be spent working, but only gets used sitting on one's butt.

Ass Time

Other definitions of Ass Time:

  • A reference to time that is wasted by sitting on your ass.
  • Closely related to butt-dialing someone, this term refers to the accidental face-timing of someone with your rear.
  • When referring to a length of time, this term indicates a vague, long interval — like a "long ass time".
  • The time that is clocked at work where nothing gets done except sitting.

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How to use the term
Ass Time:

  • I clocked in early, but it was only ass time.

  • Just hardly working — it's been ass time for the past three hours.

  • Oops. I didn't mean to ass-time him. I shouldn't keep my phone in my back pocket.

  • The last time we saw each other was a long ass time ago.


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