What does asdfghjkl;’ mean?

Slang term for extreme boredom, only reached when typing every key on the home row.


Other definitions of asdfghjkl;’:

  • A very simple password that is easy to remember, as it's just the keys on homerow. Very easy to guess.
  • What gets typed when you run your finger across the keyboard on the row where your fingers rest.
  • The keys in sequence on the middle row of a QWERTY keyboard.

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How to use the term

  • asdfghjkl;'... I'm so bored.

  • Your password is "asdfghjkl;'"? Oh, boy... we're going to have to go over the security training again.

  • Stop typing "asdfghjkl;'" and "qwertyuiop" please.

  • And the keys on the middle row are A S D F G H J K L : ' — remember these, as these will be your home row, where you fingers rest.


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