What does Ahegao mean?

A Japanese slang term for an exaggerated, orgasmic facial expression. Generally sexualized, the face is supposedly made due to an overabundance of pleasure.


Other definitions of Ahegao:

  • Term for a crazy facial expression made in lewd Japanese illustrations when a character is feeling immense sexual pleasure. Often characterized by rolling eyes, displaying tongue, and heart pupils.
  • An outlandish orgasmic facial expression. The term comes from the combination of the Japanese onomatopoeia for panting or moaning "aheahe" (アヘアヘ) and the kanji "gao" (顔) which means face.
  • A sexualized facial expression that comes from Japanese hentai and manga. The term has been popularized by photo sharing social media websites, where posters will attempt to make these faces for their viewers.

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How to use the term

  • We were up all night, making ahegao faces at each other.

  • They keep sharing these ahegao photos on their Insta.

  • I make ahegao expressions when I clean out my ears.


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