What does AF mean?

An acronym that stands for "As f***", usually affixed to the end of a sentence to denote somethings extremity.


Other definitions of AF:

  • Shorthand for the term "Ass-face" which is used as an insult.
  • An acronym for Aunt Flo, who's visits are shorthand for a woman's menstruation or period.
  • Can stand for "Autofocus", a feature on some camera lenses.
  • Stands for "As Fuck". Demonstrates something is done to the maximum level.
  • Stands for Atrial fibrillation, an irregular and often rapid heart rate that occurs when the upper chambers of the heart experience irregular electrical signals.

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How to use the term

  • That movie was scary AF! We had to hold hands the whole time.

  • Some AF rear-ended my car on my way to work.

  • I was going to go swimming today, but AF decided to visit early.

  • Make sure you turn off AF; the lighting in here is going to make some features wonky.

  • If you're experiencing AF, visiting a doctor is recommended.


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