What does A1 mean?

A slang term that refers to something that is top quality or excellent condition.

Other definitions of A1:

  • An expression that something is top-of-game or the very best. Use began in the late 1700, when British ship appraisal registries began cataloging conditions of ships, with A1 being the very best.
  • Of excellent quality or health, with no compromises.
  • In reference to drugs, refers to product that is amazing, top-shelf quality.
  • An extremely high-quality Sony mirrorless digital camera, the Alpha 1.

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How to use the term

  • Best day of my life, absolutely A1.

  • You got anymore of those brownies? They're A-1, and I always want more.

  • Things are looking A1 here, keep it up!

  • Smoking on some A1 herb.

  • We'll get a couple shots on the A1 and we'll be done here. Lighting looks great, guys.


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