1. TIPS - to insure proper service
  2. IGHT - Yes, you're right.
  3. ASKHOLE - Someone who asks your opinion or for advice but ne
  4. WBU/WBYA - What about you/what about ya
  5. MARC - A common first name for men; an alternative spelli
  6. FBF - Friends before family
  7. THOT - Thirsty Hating Old Trick
  8. BAE - It maens butts are everything
  9. BIT - bitch in training
  10. DOUGH - dough means money
  1. BAE - A Sexy Asian (Korean) Female
  2. OOF - a sigh of frustration. Same meaning as the Yiddis
  3. =3 - Cute/goofy face
  4. HABU - Have A Better Un
  5. EULA - End User License Agreement
  6. THOT - A thot is someone who gets ran through almost eve
  7. KEK - laughing out loud
  8. DNQ - Does not qualify
  9. LLF - laugh like f**k
  10. JG2H - just go to hell
  1. TWIS - That's What I Said
  2. GIMME - Give me
  3. CBFA - can't be f**king arsed
  4. WYSIWYD - What You See Is What You Deserve
  5. KNOCKOUT - Stunning person or thing
  6. THREAD - Not Defined
  7. IDRK - I Don't Really Know
  8. ST2M - Stop talking to me
  9. LUA - Love you a lot
  10. YCMU - You Crack Me Up

Your internet slang dictionary!


But what exactly is slang? Slang consists of a lexicon of non-standard phrases. Although slang may lessen the amount of text used to convey a message, it does not lessen the implied meaning. Also, slang or internet slang does not necessarily have to be short or even shorter than its implied meaning. In many cases, slang consists of made up words and phrases that you won't find in the dictionary but have become commonly used and accepted in language. In context, slang can convey anything from a sense of prestige (UT: University of Texas) to a sense of irony (using LOL in response to a serious message).

Beyond all the definitions, how is slang and internet slang used today? SMS(Short Message Service) has made the use of web and tech and internet slang a necessity. From sending a text, adding a tweet on twitter, to posting your status on Facebook; slang has become a part of our daily language. For our purposes, we consider all acronyms and every internet acronym to be slang as well since we want to build the most complete Slang Dictionary on the web!

As the use of technology progresses, so does our desire to quickly convey meaningful messages. The best example of this is our use of abbreviations and acronyms. It is hard to think of a day where you haven’t read TTYL (talk to you later), or OMG(oh my gosh) in a text message. Many sites, apps & programs limit the number of characters you can use when posting or sending a message and so our use of slang, internet slang, acronyms and abbreviations has increased and will continue to increase as the web and smart phones become more ubiquitous.

Developing technologies such as SMS also requires the use of acronyms. As web and tech enthusiasts, here at slang.org we use terms like CMS(content management system), and HTML(HyperText Markup Language) on a daily basis. Acronyms like this are also very helpful if you are looking to develop a site of your own. That being said; why would we take the time to create a web slang dictionary? Our goal is to compile a complete list of slang, internet slang & commonly used acronyms and abbreviations used throughout the web and tech industry. In doing so, we hope to create a one-stop source for all things slang - the ultimate slang dictionary. So take a look through our trending now slang, or even browse by letter! Don’t see the term you are looking for? Suggest it in our suggest slang section.

A note to our viewers: Through routine maintenance and monitoring of our site we do our best to keep offensive terminology out of our content. We do caution, however, that some slang may be offensive to some viewers.