What does Sugar Daddy mean?

A slang term for a partner in a relationship that provides money to the other. These financial benefits can come in the form of bill payments or expensive gifts, for example, and can be reciprocated in many ways.

Sugar Daddy

Other definitions of Sugar Daddy:

  • Often refers to a male, typically older, that provides financial support to a woman that provide him with companionship. When the affluent donor is female, they are known as a "Sugar Momma".
  • A wealthy provider in a relationship with someone who they lend monetary funds, typically in exchange for companionship or sex.
  • A rich person who pays for everything for a mistress or suitor that they wish to satisfy with their affluent wealth. Often this pair has a lavish lifestyle and is typically a pairing of an older man and younger woman.

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How to use the term
Sugar Daddy:

  • I kicked around the islands with my sugar daddy and brought so much expensive jewelry.

  • I found out he was sugar-daddying one of his coeds, so we had a discussion.

  • Call me sugar daddy, because I got us tickets to the show you wanted.


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