What does Zerg Rush mean?

A term referring to the tactic of building a large amount of cheaper, early-game units and rushing into the enemy in an RTS game.

Zerg Rush

Other definitions of Zerg Rush:

  • Quickly rushing the enemies' base in the attempt to end the game early. Zerg refers to playable alien race in Starcraft that could employ this strategy.
  • In a real time strategy game, but arguably any video game, overproducing inexpensive units and bombarding the enemy in the hopes to end the game before they can build defenses.
  • Investing a ton of early game resources into zerglings, a very cheap, aggressive unit in Starcraft, and slamming them all into the enemy's means of production. A quick win is still a win.

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How to use the term
Zerg Rush:

  • I'm going to zerg rush their base.

  • I could sense he was about to zerg rush, so I built some marines.

  • Despite its simplicity, zerg rushing takes some series micro skills.


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