What does YOLO mean?

An acronym that stands for "You Only Live Once". You say it when you're appreciating life or doing something new or adventurous.


Other definitions of YOLO:

  • "You Only Live Once"
  • Stands for "You Only Live Once". Used to rationalize reckless behavior. First used in the late 1990s, and popularized in 2011 by Canadian rapper Drake in "The Motto".
  • You Only Live Once. It's about the attitude, not about the actual words. It's like saying, Yeah, sure, why not!

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How to use the term YOLO:

  • YOLO! You gotta look for new experiences!

  • Parent: Do your homework.
    Me: Come on, YOLO, let's go get ice cream instead!

  • Just before we lost him, he reminded us that life is precious by screaming "YOLO" when he took the leap.

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