What does Vibe Check mean?

Most often refers to the kind act of checking in with others to express their current mood (vibe).

Other definitions of Vibe Check:

  • While it often refers the act of "checking in", it can also be an exclamation when invading or harming someone's personal space.
  • A proclamation that is employed to check in with everyone's vibe, or well-being. Used in party or work environments and meant to make sure everyone is comfortable.
  • Surveillance of the vibe, often used to ensure that all participants are doing well.

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How to use the term
Vibe Check:

  • Let me get a vibe check. How you feelin'?

  • He screamed "vibe check" and hit me in the arm. It was childish.

  • Here, find a better playlist while I go vibe check the room.


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