What does THIRSTY mean?

A slang term that describes intense want and desire for something, usually attention or sex.


Other definitions of THIRSTY:

  • Much as someone could be described as salivating for something, being thirst indicates an extreme want or need.
  • An overzealous desire, want, or greed for attention, sex, money, or fame. Usually characterized by desperate emotions and drastic actions.
  • Desperate for love or lust, employing attention seeking behavior, like constantly commenting or approving sexual posts on social media.

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How to use the term THIRSTY:

  • My thirsty self embodied me completely, so I had to seek help. Once I found someone I could talk to honestly about my thirst, I started to grow as a person.

  • Ugh. They're so thirsty, always retweeting and liking posts from these near explicit accounts. As long as they don't harm anyone, I suppose it's alright.

  • Thirsty for water? No, I'm thirsty for booty pics.

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