What does Thirst Trap mean?

A slang term identifying a social media photo or text post that is meant to entice viewers, leading them to confess their attraction.

Thirst Trap

Other definitions of Thirst Trap:

  • A reference to the slang term "thirst", which indicates desire or horniness. These traps are laid on photo-sharing sites to cause others to become sexually infatuated with the poster.
  • Any post online that is meant to intentionally cause "thirst", which is another word of deep attraction or lust.
  • An attention seeking post on social media that use sexual allure or fascination to get the viewers attention. Meant to cause thirst, and will capture the gaze of potential customers of sex workers.

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How to use the term
Thirst Trap:

  • I used to have to dig through thirst traps just to see my cat pictures, but I have explored other social media sites to get a more direct source.

  • Their content has changed over the years — it used to be so thoughtful, now it's just thirst traps and brand deals.

  • We all thirst trap, every waking minute. We all want love and attention. Some are just better at it.


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