What does Thick mean?

A descriptive term for someone who is plump in an attractive way, usually having larger thighs, butt, and/or hips.


Other definitions of Thick:

  • A slang term for stupid or foolish. Reference to the antiquated concept of having a "thick skull", which ideas cannot penetrate.
  • When a body is well-proportioned and has "meat on the bones", often found sexually attractive.
  • Describes a voluptuous or curvaceous person, usually a woman. A common misspelling "thicc" shares the same meaning, but curves may be intensified.

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How to use the term

  • I've been working hard on a my leg day routine and making sure I eat enough so I can get that thick physique I've been wanting.

  • Are you intentionally being thick about this? This isn't exactly rocket science.

  • I know she's thick, but is she thicc?

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  • A Song that mentions "Thick."
  • In this Summer 2020 single, DJ Chose describes several female friends who are considerably thick, to the point that it triggers his speech impediment.

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