What does Shook mean?

A slang term that refers to the past tense of shake. Being shook involves being shocked, scared, impressed, confused, or embarrassed.


Other definitions of Shook:

  • Like the word shaken, refers to someone who has been altered and rumbled. This could be due to any stimulus, but often refers to scared or amazed.
  • A modification of shaken that was popularized by 1990s hip-hop, and has since gained popularity in memes and on Twitter. Implies disbelief and amazement.
  • The state of being so shaken to the core by new information, that you're flabbergasted.

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How to use the term

  • This new song is so good! The beat has got me shook.

  • When Justin and Britney split up, I was shook.

  • The audience was amazed; shook all over.


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