What does Sapiosexual mean?

A term for people who are primarily attracted to intelligence, often finding it arousing.


Other definitions of Sapiosexual:

  • Someone who finds intelligence the most attractive feature in a partner. From the Latin "sapere", which means "to have sense".
  • To find someone's wisdom and knowledge sexually attractive.
  • Loving someone for their brain, perhaps despite their looks, because they are so smart and wise.

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How to use the term

  • Oh, baby. Keep working away at that calculus. You're making my inner-sapiosexual go crazy.

  • I would describe myself as a sapiosexual — Most of my partners I haven't even met in real life, and we usually stay online debating the finer points of Shakespeare and modern science; it really gets my gears going.

  • Unlike you, I'm a sapiosexual. I consider every aspect of my partner's mind before courting. Perhaps that's why I've never met a specimen that could hold a candle to my mental aptitude.


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