What does OP mean?

An acronym for "Original Poster". Common used in message boards to refer to the initial creator of a forum.


Other definitions of OP:

  • An acronym that stands for "Overpowered". Often used within competitive video games to denote when something is imbalanced and too good.
  • An acronym for "Opposite Prompt", referring to the stage right prompt corner on a theatre stage.
  • Stands for "Out of Print", which is when a work is no longer being published.
  • Military slang for "Observation Post", a structure used for surveying a field.

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How to use the term

  • I bet OP can't post pics, because it didn't actually happen like they claim it did on this forum.

  • That sword is so OP! It's completely unfair.

  • The last time I saw the stage manager, they were over by OP.

  • I'm sorry, it looks like the book you're looking for has been marked OP.

  • Well, if the commander wants eyes out, he should sent a grunt up the O.P. to give us a hand.


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