What does NE mean?

An acronym for the slang phrase "Nose Exhale", which is a reaction to something slightly amusing or funny. The expression typically replaces "LOL", as many people do not actually laugh audibly when browsing content.

Other definitions of NE:

  • An abbreviation/modification of "Any", which sounds like the letters N and E.
  • Can stand in for the word "Anyway", which starts with a word that sounds like the letters N-E.
  • A Japanese speech particle that is a sentence ender that roughly translates to "Huh" or "Don't you think?". Often affixed to declarative statements.

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How to use the term

  • Person 1: That's what she said!
    Person 2: Oh, you got me. NE. That's pretty funny.

  • Can I get ne? If there's some left, that is.

  • NE, how about we talk about you?

  • "That's so kawaii, desu ne!"
    -a weeb


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