What does Moose Knuckle mean?

A reference to when a guy's pants are too tight or high up, and their genitalia is visible and looks like a moose's knuckle.

Moose Knuckle

Other definitions of Moose Knuckle:

  • When a man has pants that are too tight or hiked up, so that his penis and testicles are clearly visible. Male version of camel toe.
  • When tight or ill-fitting pants cause a man's nether region to be full view. Looks like the split in a moose's hoof.
  • Viewing a man's genitalia when they have pants that are too tight in the crotch area.

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How to use the term
Moose Knuckle:

  • Whoa. You've got some major moose knuckle right now, dude.

  • Little did I know, I went into the interview with my moose knuckle in clear view.

  • Moose knuckle is plentiful in the land of skinny jeans.


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