What does Jugg mean?

A slang term for hustling, slinging, and making money however you can.


Other definitions of Jugg:

  • Similar to "moving-and-shaking", means to make money by any possible means. Can include conning, tricking, or robbing.
  • May be a reference to "juggs", or large breasts.
  • Stealing or finessing your way to money, doing whatever you got to do to make make it. Popularized by 2010s Southern rap.

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How to use the term

  • You know I'm out here juggin' to make a living. Help me out with whatever you've got.

  • That boy is only makes his living by jugging. He's lost in his journey.

  • My pops juuged my ride, so I'm going to need a lift.

  • Are you going to teach me how to jugg or what?

Video related to Jugg


Migos - Juug Season (Juug Season) | RAP, YouTube

  • A Song that mentions "Jugg."
  • A single from Migos in 2011 mixtape "juug season", which features use of the term several times.

    Throughout the album, Migos explains how he has had to work for his money, jugging to make a living.

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