What does Highkey mean?

A slang designation for something that is quite assertive, loud, and direct. The opposite of lowkey.


Other definitions of Highkey:

  • A way to say something or someone is loud, extra, or assertive. This could be bad or good, given context.
  • Stating something that you want to be known, in a way where the whole world should know.
  • Taking pride in a choice, so much so that you want people to be aware of how loudly you're endorsing it.
  • When something is supposed to be lowkey, but too many people know about it.

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How to use the term Highkey:

  • I highkey love Filipino sweet spaghetti. I don't care what you all think.

  • Highkey tho: those kicks are fire.

  • Going to a highkey party later.

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