What does Furry mean?

A broad slang term that most often indicates interest in anthropomorphic animals, or animals with human-like traits.


Other definitions of Furry:

  • Typically refers to a person that is interested in animals with human traits, non-sexually or sexually. A fandom exists around these interests, and the internet has expanded its fanbase.
  • An internet subculture that celebrates anything related to animals with varying levels of human aspects. This can be art, books, animations, suits, conventions, and erotic practices, among others.
  • Relating to a particular fandom that appreciates animals and human-like animals. While it may be a bit odd, this fandom tends to be quite accepting and supportive, celebrating their togetherness. Can be sexual, but most often is not.

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How to use the term

  • I guess I could be a furry. I like drawing cool characters and have thought about a fur-suit for a convention.

  • That comic has some pretty cool furry characters.

  • He was a furry too, so we fell in love instantly.


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