What does FFS mean?

An acronym for the slang phrase "For Fuck's Sake". Used to express disbelief.


Other definitions of FFS:

  • Means "For Fucks Sake".
  • For fuck's sake, which is a non-religious, dirtier way form of "For Christ's sake" meaning roughly "stop and explain".
  • While some may explain it's "for fun's sake", it is more commonly "for fuck's sake", an expletive phrase that expresses displeasure.

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How to use the term

  • Oh FFS, show it to me!

  • Person 1: I think I broke your phone.
    Person 2: FFS, how?

  • ffs, can you shut up

  • And FFS, can you take that refrigerator full of rotten seafood at shoot it into space? Same jobber ship in the future can pick it up and deal with whatever is inside.


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