What does Demisexual mean?

Slang for sexual orientation in which one only experiences sexual attraction after making a strong emotional connection. This type of person may fall somewhere on the asexual spectrum.


Other definitions of Demisexual:

  • Somebody who requires an intense emotional relationship before even considering sexual relations with someone else. Coined in 2006 on an Asexuality forum.
  • Under the asexual (ace) umbrella, sexual attraction is not formed unless there is a strong emotional bond.

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How to use the term

  • I'm not one for random hookups. I consider myself demisexual, in fact.

  • Can you understand that I'm demisexual? It may take some time before I'm ready to sleep with you.

  • It's nice having a demisexual perspective. So much of our media uses sex to sell goods, but I get to lift that veil and really consider what is being advertised.


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