What does Dank mean?

While this word literally means cold, dark, moist, or musty, it has been adopted by marijuana users to describe high quality weed, which has some of these characteristics.


Other definitions of Dank:

  • Much as bad started to be slang for good, dank has become a term for praise and encouragement. Used to note something as radical or cool.
  • When referencing memes, this term alerts the viewer that they are going to employ overused or passing trends, will be odd, specific, and unique, and will take the understanding of viral, esoteric content to enjoy.
  • Standing out as excellent and high quality, if a little bit weird.

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How to use the term

  • What's in this jar? I'm guessing it's some dank bud.

  • Dude, these new speakers are dank!

  • How would you like your memes? Dank or deep-fried?


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