What does Dad bod mean?

Refers to a male physique that is not particularly toned, but also not large.

Dad bod

Other definitions of Dad bod:

  • A male body that is not very muscular or fat, and is attractive to more people than you would expect. Named after the theory that men who father children spend less time working out.
  • A body that has become soft and chubby due to the costly nature of fatherhood, though many men have it regardless of not having children.
  • The polarizing the appearance of a male's body that usually comes with older age. Some people love the plumpness that's perfect for cuddling, but other prefer a muscled, fit bod.

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How to use the term
Dad bod:

  • Yeah, he looks soft. A dad bod, for sure.

  • He was hitting on me with an ice cream cone in his had. Dad bod energy.

  • I mean look at Leo's dad bod. He seems pretty successful to me... maybe it's the money.


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