Slang Terms Beginning with T

  • Tuff

    A slang adjective describing someone as unfortunate, rugged, or rough.
  • TRA

    A slang word for "Bye" or "Farewell". From the UK slang "Turrah".
  • Tiddies

    A slang term for female breasts.
  • Trick

    A somewhat derogatory Slang term for a paying customer of prostitutes.
  • Trill

    Slang portmanteau of the words True and Real. Describes someone who is honest and genuine.
  • Tossed Salad

    Slang term for a flavorful, healthy side dish consisting of some sort of lettuce, various vegetables and flavor boosters, and a dressing.
  • Touché

    A slang rebuttal that acknowledges a witty remark or good comeback.
  • Tight Ass

    "Tight ass" or "tight-ass" is a slang term for an uptight person, somebody who is unwilling to relax or let go. In other words, they are so uptight that their buttocks are pretty much permanently clenched.
  • Threesome

    A slang term for a sexual encounter between three individuals, often a couple plus another person.
  • The Fitnessgram Pacer Test

    A multistage aerobic capacity test that gets more difficult as it continues. In the test, people will run 20 meters when a chime sounds, and then turn around and run back when another chime sounds. The time between chimes decreases as the test continues.
  • That’s What She Said

    A slang phrase that indicate the resemblance of what was just said to sexual innuendo.
  • Thug Life

    A slang phrase popularized in 1990s Southern California by rappers, most prominently Tupac Shakur. Essentially, the phrase indicates a life that has lived through hardships and oppression, but has still succeeded.
  • Tramp Stamp

    A derogatory slang term for a tattoo placed on the lower back, just above the butt.
  • Twat

    A slang term a woman's vagina or vulva.
  • Takuache

    Literally translates to possum in Spanish, but has become an identifier slang term for a particular group of people who love dropped, low-rider trucks, truck meets, and doing burnouts in those trucks.
  • Te Quiero

    A Spanish expression that directly translates to "I want you". However, more often used as a casual "I love you" between family members and friends.
  • Truffle Butter

    A slang term for the bodily excretion that occurs when switching between anal and vaginal intercourse. A reference to the tan, buttery substance.
  • Thick

    A descriptive term for someone who is plump in an attractive way, usually having larger thighs, butt, and/or hips.
  • Trap

    An often derogatory term for a boy or man dressing and passing for a woman. When there is intent to deceive, a trap has been set.
  • Thirst Trap

    A slang term identifying a social media photo or text post that is meant to entice viewers, leading them to confess their attraction.
  • Thirst

    A slang term that describes intense want and desire for something, usually attention or sex.
  • Twink

    A gay slang term for young man in his late teens or early twenties, characterized by boy-ish looks, low or no body hair, and trim appearance.
  • Te Amo

    A Spanish term meaning "I love you", from the verb "amar", which means to love. The phrase is quite profound, said to very close loved ones.
  • Taint

    A reference to the area of the body between the anus and the scrotum or vulva. Also known as the perineum.
  • Titties

    A slang term for female breasts.
  • Thicc

    A misspelling of the word thick, and denotes being curvy or plump, usually in a good way.
  • Tribbing

    Usually refers to the sexual act of two women rubbing their vulva together as non-penetrative sex.
  • Terps

    A term for terpenes which are aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains different smells.
  • Thigh Gap

    Refers to the gap that appears between one's legs when standing with feet together.
  • TFW

    That face when. Accompanied by an image/GIF which shows reaction to stuff.
  • Teaboo

    Someone who is obsessed with British culture. A play on weeaboo, or someone who is obsessed with Japanese culture.
  • Tosh

    British slang for trash or rubbish.
  • Taking the Piss

    Tease or mock someone.
  • Trim Run

    A term for the cannabis concentrate made with the leftovers after a harvest. Still gets the user high, just not of the highest quality.
  • Tubular

    Cool; most excellent.
  • Tight

    Good, Great, Exceptional
  • Triggered

    A sudden negative reaction to seeing, hearing or experiencing something upsetting or unsettling.
  • TYVM

    thank you very much

    Thank You Very Much Have A Nice Day
  • TXT

  • TXT IM

    Text Instant Message


    Text talk to you later
  • TY

    Thank You

    Thank you and fuck you

    Turn Your CAPS LOCK Off
  • TYFC

    Thank you for charity

    Thank you for your comment
  • TYL

    Text you later
  • TYLE

    Took You Long Enough
  • TYM

    Thank you much
  • TYN

    Tell your Nanna
  • TYS

    Told You So
  • TYSK

    Thought You Should Know
  • TYSM

    Thank You So Much
  • TYSO

    Thank you so much
  • TYT

    Take Your Time
  • TYTY

    Thank you thank you
  • TYVL

    Thank You Very Little

    Twitter Networking
  • TWIU

    That's What I Understood

    That Was Interesting, Wasn't It
  • TWLY

    This Week Last Year
  • TWMA

    Till We Meet Again
  • TWOC

    Taking Without Owner's Consent

    Twitter Follower

    Twitter Google

    Twitter Oops
  • TWOP

    Television Without Pity

    Twitter Word
  • TWS

    Thermal Weapons Sight
  • TWSI

    That was so ironic
  • TWSS

    That's what she said
  • TWTI

    That was totally ironic

    That Will Take Some Thought

    That's What You All Say
  • TWYT

    That's What You Think
  • TX

  • TXS

    Terminal Exchange Services

    Twitter People

    Twitter Updates

    A slang term for a booty-focused dance style that involves shaking and gyrating the rear end.

    A slang term for a booty-focused dance style that involves shaking and gyrating the rear end.

    Twitter Terminology

    Twitter Explanation
  • TWF

    That was fun

    An initialism for the slang phrase "That's What Friends are For" — akin to "You're welcome", this is used to demonstrate that you're happy to help.

    This won't hurt a bit
  • TWHS

    That's what he said
  • TWIA

    An acronym for "That's Where It's At" — a slang expression that loosely indicates something is beneficial or good.

    Twitter Friends

    Twitter Bike

    To Whom It May Concern
  • TWIS

    That's What I Said

    Twitter Story
  • TWIT

    That's what I thought

    That's What It's There For

    Twitter Dictionary

    Twitter Insomnia

    Talk to you laters
  • TTYM

    Talk to You Monday
  • TTYN

    Talk To You Never
  • TTYO

    Talk to you online

    Talk to you one of these days

    Talk To You Real Soon
  • TTYS

    Talk To You Soon
  • TTYT

    Talk To You Tomorrow

    To Tell You The Truth

    Talk to you very soon
  • TTYW

    Talk to you whenever
  • TU

    Thank you
  • TUFD

    The User File Died
  • TUI

    Turning you in
  • TUT

    Totally unique thought
  • TVD

    TVD is 'The Vampire Diaries" a television teen drama, which showed in the chanel: "CW"
  • TVM

    Thanks Very Much

    Thank You Very Much For Your E-Mail
  • TVN

    Thank You Very Much

    I suddenly feel aware of all these feelings, but I feel like no one else is aware that I have them.
  • TTTH

    Talk To The Hand

    Talk To The Hand The Face Ain't Listening

    Time To Totally Kick Ass
  • TTTS

    Twin to twin transfer syndrome
  • TTTT

    Too tired to talk
  • TTU

    Talk To yoU
  • TTUT

    Talk To You Tomorrow
  • TTWH

    Thought That Would Happen

    That's the way the system works
  • TTY

    Talk to you

    Talk to you awhile from now

    Talk to you all soon

    Talk to you after work

    Talk To You A While From Now
  • TTYF

    Take That You Fiend
  • TTYI

    Talk to you Ingame

    Talk to you too
  • TTYL

    Talk to you later

    Type To You Later, Alligator

    talk to you later my friend
  • TTFW

    Too tasty for words
  • TTG

    time to go

    The Truth Is Out There

    This thread is useless without pictures

    This thread is worthless without pictures
  • TTKA

    Time to kick ass

    Trying To Keep a Straight Face
  • TTL

    Time To Live
  • TTL4N

    That's The Lot For Now

    That's The Lot For Now
  • TTLY

  • TTM

    To The Moderator
  • TTMF

    Ta, Ta, MOFO

    Take The Money aNd Run

    There's More Than One Way To Do It
  • TTR

    Tea Time Review

    The Title Says It All
  • TTSP

    This Too Shall Pass
  • TTT

    to the top

    The Times They Are Changing
  • TSIA

    This Says It All
  • TSIF

    Thank Science It's Friday
  • TSNF

    That's So Not Fair

    Total Sense Of Humour Failure
  • TSR

    Totally Stupid Rules
  • TSRA

    Two Shakes of a Rat's Ass
  • TSTB

    The sooner, the better
  • TSWC

    Tell Someone Who Cares
  • TT

    Trailer trash
  • TT4N

    Ta-Ta For Now
  • TTA

    Tap That Ass
  • TTAC

    The Times They Are Changing
  • TTB

    Thats too bad
  • TTBA

    Title to be announced
  • TTBE

    That's To Be Expected

    To The Best Of My Knowledge
  • TTC

    Trying to Conceive
  • TTFF

    Time To First Fix
  • TTFL

    Two-Terminal Fault Location
  • TTFN

    Ta-Ta for Now

    The pen is mightier than the sword
  • TPS

    This Program Sucks
  • TPSS

    This Program Sucks Severely
  • TPT

    Trailer park trash
  • TPTB

    The Powers That Be
  • TQ

    thank you
  • TQM

    Total Quality Management

    Theist Quote Of The Month
  • TQVM

    thank you very much
  • TRAM

    The Rest Are Mine
  • TRBL

  • TRDF

    Tears rolling down my face

    Tears Running Down My Cheeks
  • TRS

    That really sucks
  • TRT

    The Right Thing

    That remains to be determined
  • TS

    tough shit

    tears streaming down my cheeks
  • TSFW

    Totally Safe For Work
  • TSH

    Tripping so hard

    This one is on me
  • TOJ

    Tears of joy
  • TOK

    Touch Of Klass
  • TOL

    Touch of love
  • TOM

    I recall that in the 40's-50's that "George" meant "good" and "Tom" meant "bad" or "terrible." Sadly in can find reference for this only for "George." Anyone know connection of "Tom" to "bad?" TomB


    a mix of memes. top like from top gun and lel like the reddit users use LOL...

    Till our paths cross again
  • TOS

    The Original Series
  • TOT

    Tip of the Tongue
  • TOTD

    Tip of the Day
  • TOTP

    Top Of The Pops
  • TOU

    Thinking of you
  • TOW

    The one with
  • TOWL

    The one with love
  • TOY

    Thinking of You
  • TOYA

    Thinking Of You All
  • TP

  • TPAE

    The Possibilities Are Endless
  • TPC

    The Phone Company
  • TNLN

    Took Nothing, Left Nothing

    Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Logbook

    There's Nothing On TV So
  • TNPP

    Telocator Network Paging Protocol

    There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
  • TNT

    Till Next Time
  • TNTC

    too numerous to count
  • TNTL

    Trying Not To Laugh
  • TNX

  • TOAB

    Tits On A Bull

    There Oughta Be A Law

    Take Out Back And Shoot
  • TOBB

    The other bulletin board
  • TOBG

    This Oughta Be Good
  • TOC

    Table of Contents
  • TOD

    Truth or dare
  • TOFT

    Terms of trade

    Took one for the team
  • TOFU

    Text oben, Fullquote
  • TOH

    Typing one-handed

    That Means Nothing To Me
  • TMOT

    Trust me on this
  • TMS

    Touch My Soul
  • TMSD

    Tiny Minds Seldom Differ
  • TMSF

    Too much Science Fiction

    Too Much Shit Hit The Fan

    The Most Sexiest Woman In the World
  • TMT

    Technology, Media and Telecommunications
  • TMTC

    Too Many To Count
  • TMTH

    Too much too handle

    There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl
  • TMTM

    The More, the Merrier

    To me that means a lot my friend

    There's More Than One Way To Do It

    Take My Word For It
  • TNA

    Temporarily Not Available
  • TNC

    Tongue In Cheek

    There's no fool like an old fool
  • TNG

    The Next Generation
  • TNKU

    Thank you
  • TLGO

    The List Goes On

    That's Life In The Big City
  • TLK

  • TLK-2-U-L-8-R

    Talk To You Later
  • TLK2UL8R

    Talk To You Later
  • TLTB

    Thank you Linesmen Thank you Ballboys

    Too Ludicrous To Be True
  • TM

    trust me
  • TMA

    Too many acronyms
  • TMAI

    Tell me about it
  • TMB

    Tweet Me Back

    Text me back as soon as possible

    Too many cooks spoil the broth
  • TMDF

    To my dearest friend
  • TMFT

    Too much free time
  • TMG

    That's my girl
  • TMI

    To much info

    The More I Know The Less I Understand
  • TMIY

    The Magic In You
  • TMK

    To my knowledge
  • TIT

    A slang term for a woman's breasts.
  • TITF

    That is too funny
  • TIU

    Total It Up

    This Is Where The Goofy Little Grin Goes

    Try it You'll Like it

    Truth Justice And The American Way

    That's Just A Wild Guess
  • TJI

    Try joining in
  • TK

    To Come
  • TKA

    Totally Kick Ass
  • TKU4UK

    Thank You For Your Kindness
  • TL

    Too long
  • TL&EH

    True Love and Eternal Happiness
  • TL4E

    True Love Forever
  • TL;DR

    Too Long, Didn't Read
  • TLA

    Three Letter Acronym
  • TLAR

    That Looks About Right
  • TLC

    Tender Loving Care
  • TLDR

    Too long, didn't read
  • TLG

    The Living God
  • TIG

    This Is Great

    Think I Give A Shit
  • TIIC

    Those Idiots In Control
  • TIL

    An acronym for "Today I Learned", used to express something is new to the reader. Popularized online by websites that allow sharing odd facts and figures.

    Tell It Like It Is
  • TIME

    tears in my eyes

    There Is More Than One Way To Do It

    This Is Not A Legal Opinion

    This Is Not A Recommendation
  • TINC

    There Is No Cabal

    There Is No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

    That Is Not What I Said
  • TIPS

    To improve professional service
  • TIR

    Teacher in room
  • TISC

    This Is So Cool
  • TISL

    This Is So Lame

    This Is So Not Cool

    This Is So Not Fair

    That Is So Not True
  • TISU

    This is so unfair

    A person who has a little thug/nerd in them

    A slang term that describes intense want and desire for something, usually attention or sex.
  • THKQ

    Thank you
  • THNQ

  • THNX

  • THOT

    Most often means "That Ho Over There"

    "That hoe over there"

    Those Hotties Over There

    A slang term for clothing, especially high quality garments.
  • THRU

    A slang abbreviation of the word "through". Often used on roadway signs.
  • THT

    Think happy thoughts
  • THWY

    An acronym for the slang expression "The Hell With You", a dismissive phrase in which you which someone death.
  • THX

  • THX TX

  • TIA

    thanks in advance
  • TIAD

    Tomorrow Is Another Day

    Think I Am In Love
  • TIC

  • TIE

    Take It Easy
  • TIFU

    TIFU stands for "Today I F**ked Up" and usually marks the beginning of a story about how the person who said TIFU happened to f**k up today.
  • TDTM

    Talk Dirty To Me

    Teachers Don't Teach Me Nonsense
  • TDTU

    Totally Devoted To You

    The early bird catches the worm
  • TEI

    Total Economic Impact

    The end justifies the means
  • TEL

  • TEME

    Tell me

    the end of the day

    The End Of The World As We Know It
  • TFA

    The Fucking Article
  • TFB

    Too Fucking Bad
  • TFDS

    That's For Damn Sure
  • TFF

    Too fucking funny
  • TFH

    Thread From Hell
  • TFI

    The fact is
  • TFT

    Tutorial for tutorial
  • TFY

    time for you
  • TH

    Trying Hard
  • THD

    Total Harmonic Distortion
  • TBY

    Teacher behind you
  • TBYB

    Try Before You Buy
  • TC

    That's cool
  • TC,TAC

    Two's company, three's a crowd
  • TCB

    Trouble Came Back
  • TCBY

    Taking Care of Business

    Take Care Coz I Care
  • TCL

    Tool Command Language. This is for tecchies when they're using that black box screen on the computer and type in commands.
  • TCLC

    The Computer Literate Cousins
  • TCN

    Take Care Now
  • TCO

    taken care of
  • TCOB

    Taking care of business

    Taking clothes out of dryer
  • TCOY

    Take Care Of Yourself
  • TCS

    Take care sweetheart
  • TD

    Tower defense

    Till Death Do Us Part
  • TDL

    To Do List
  • TDM

    Too Darn Many

    This Does Not Bode Well
  • TBCL

    To be continued later
  • TBD

    To be discussed
  • TBDL

    To Be Discussed Later

    To Be Discussed Much Later
  • TBE

    To Be Expected
  • TBF

    To be frank
  • TBH

    A slang initialism for for "To Be Honest"
  • TBIF

    Total Buy In Factor

    Too bad it's only monday
  • TBL

    Text back later

    The blind leading the blind
  • TBNT

    Thanks But No Thanks
  • TBO

    To Be Honest
  • TBR

    Means to be real
  • TBS

    To be sure
  • TBT

    An acronym that means "Throwback Thursday" — posting old photos or images on social media on Thursdays to recollect or reminisce about the past. Does not have to be posted on Thursday, though this is how the trend started.
  • TBTH

    To Be The Hero

    The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
  • TBW

    To begin with

    The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach
  • TANF

    Temporary Assistance For Needy
  • TANJ

    There Ain't No Justice

    There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
  • TAP

    Take A Pill
  • TAPE

    Tape Is A Masking Tape or Tape Could Be Like A Movie That is in A CD

    Things Are Really Fucked Up.
  • TAS

    taking a shower
  • TAT

    This and that

    Time and tide wait for no man
  • TAU

    Thinking about u
  • TAUS

    Thinking about us
  • TAW

    teachers are watching

    That Ain't What I Said
  • TAY

    Thinking about you
  • TAY2

    Thinking about you too
  • TAYL

    Talk at ya later
  • TB

  • TBA

    To Be Announced
  • TBAL

    To Be Announced Later
  • TBC

    To Be Continued
  • TAB

    cigarette, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England Tactical Advance to Battle, particularly the Parachute Regiment, British Army
  • TABA

    Throw Beer At It

    thinking all but you are stupid
  • TAC

    Cannabis resin
  • TACP

    Take A Chill Pill
  • TAD

    Small amount
  • TADA

    Exclamation when something is finished
  • TADT

    They All Do That
  • TAE

    Trial And Error
  • TAF

    That's All, Folks
  • TAFL

    Take a Flying Leap
  • TAFN

    That's All For Now
  • TAFT

    That's A Frightening Thought
  • TAFU

    Things Are Fouled Up
  • TAH

    Take A Hike
  • TAKS

    That's A Knee Slapper
  • T2YL

    Talk to you later
  • T4P

    Thanks For Posting
  • T@YL

    Talk At You Later
  • TA

    Thank you
  • T

    Side smile
  • T&C

    Terms & Conditions
  • T-T

  • T.T

  • T/Y

    Thank you
  • T2M

    Talk To Me
  • T2T

    Time To Talk
  • T2U

    Talk to you
  • T2UL

    Talk To You Later
  • T2UL8ER

    Talk to you later
  • T2UL8R

    Talk to you later