Slang Terms Beginning with O

  • Okay

    A slang term meaning alright or satisfactory. Can be shortened to "O.K." or "Ok".
  • Octopus Girl

    Slang term for a shock site that features a young woman with an octopus in her vagina.

    A line from the Japanese manga/anime series "Fist of the North Star" that translates to "You're already dead". Said when victory is imminent.
  • OK Boomer

    A dismissive response to a Baby Boomer who has likely said something insensitive or ignorant.
  • Orwellian

    Reminiscent of the dark, fictional work of writer George Orwell. Often used in reference to his dystopian account of a future totalitarian state in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
  • OXY

    OxyContin (or oxycodone), painkiller
  • OY

    Oh Yeah
  • OYB

    On Your Bike
  • OYE

    Listen up
  • OYG

    Oh Your God

    Open your mouth, solve your problem
  • OYO

    On Your Own
  • OZ

  • O_O


    28 grams of drugs (usually marijuana)
  • OUO

    Official Use Only
  • OUSU

    Oh, You Shut Up

    Out Of
  • OVA

    Original Video Animation
  • OVNO

    Or Very Near Offer
  • OVO

  • OW

    Oh Well
  • OW2TE

    Or Words To That Effect
  • OWFM

    Often Works For Me
  • OWK

    Other World Kingdom

    Crouching and staring like an owl
  • OWN

    Beat, dominate (gaming)

  • OWNM

    Oh Well, Never Mind
  • OWOA

    One Way Or Another
  • OWS

    Occupy Wall Street
  • OWT


    Or Words To That Effect
  • OX

    Sharp blade

    One Thing Led To Another
  • OTMH

    Off the top of my head
  • OTMS

    Other Than Mexicans
  • OTN

    Most usages of "OTN" on the Internet these days are of Japanese origin and refer by sound-alike to the Japanese slang terms "ochin" (child's testicles) and (especially) "ochinchin" (child's penis). The term is especialy used in the phrase "gigantic OTN" meaning that a boy has a very large penis for a person of his age. As of mid-2015, the term OTN is popular primarily because of the song "Gigantic OTN" (look it up on YouTube).
  • OTO

    One Time Only
  • OTOH

    On The Other Hand

    On The Other Other Hand
  • OTP

    One True Pairing - a strong preference for two fictional characters to be portrayed together, romantically or otherwise.
  • OTR

    On the road
  • OTS

    On the scene
  • OTT

    Over The Top
  • OTTH

    On The Third Hand

    Off The Top Of My Head

    Off The Top Of My Head And Rolling Out Of Bounds
  • OTW

    Off To Work
  • OTY

    Over To You
  • OU

    Open University
  • OUAT

    Once Upon A Time
  • OUCH

    Interjection said when experiencing pain

    Ought to

    Obsessive fan

    Over the air OK

    Owing To A Slight Oversight In Construction
  • OTAY

  • OTB

    Off The boat
  • OTBE

    Over Taken By Event
  • OTC

    Over the Counter
  • OTD

    Off the Derech (Way in Hebrew) - someone who is no longer observing Orthodox Judaism
  • OTE

    Over the edge
  • OTF

    Its a gang or squads for like field butt it means off the forum
  • OTFL

    On the Floor Laughing

    On the floor laughing my ass off
  • OTFM

    Open The Fucking Manual
  • OTG

    On the ground
  • OTGH

    On The Gripping Hand
  • OTGL

    On the ground laughing
  • OTH

    Off The Hook
  • OTJ

    On The Job
  • OTK

    Over The Knee
  • OTL

    Out to Lunch

    Google's social network
  • ORN

    Oh Really Now
  • ORO

    Expression of confusion
  • ORZ

    Frustration, despair
  • OS

    operating system
  • OSFA

    One Size Fits All
  • OSIF

    Oh Shit, I Forgot
  • OSIM

    Oh Shoot It's Monday

    Oh Shit I Never Thought Of That
  • OSLT

    Or Something Like That
  • OSM

  • OSO

    Other Significant Other
  • OSS

    Open Source Software

  • OST

    On Second Thought
  • OT

    Off Topic
  • OT1H

    On The One Hand
  • OT3

    One True Threesome
  • OTA

    over the air
  • ORLY

    Oh Really
  • OP

    An acronym for "Original Poster". Common used in message boards to refer to the initial creator of a forum.
  • OPA

    Greek exclamation
  • OPB

    Other People's Business
  • OPK

    Other People's Kids
  • OPM

    Other People's Money
  • OPP

    A snitch
  • OPPA

    Older brother, male friend
  • OPPS

    A opp is a snitch or person you cant trust there like police but not a police officier.

    Operations Security
  • OREO

    Black on the outside, white on the inside
  • ORGY

    An event in which many people have sexual intercourse to varying degrees.

    Alright, hello
  • OOTC

    Obligatory On Topic Comment
  • OOTD

    "OOTD" stands for "Outfit of the Day." It's a popular acronym used to describe and showcase one's daily fashion choice.
  • OOTO

    Out Of The Office
  • OOTQ

    Out Of The Question
  • OOTW

    Out Of This World

    Out of your fucking mind
  • OOYL

    Out Of Your League
  • OOYM

    Out Of Your Mind
  • OOC

    Out of control
  • OOE

    Out Of Endurance
  • OOF

    A slang response to defeat or frustration. From the online game Roblox, which has a character death sound effect of a child-like voice saying the word.
  • OOFT

    Sound made when impressed by something
  • OOH

    On one hand
  • OOI

    Out Of Interest
  • OOL

    Out Of Luck
  • OOM

    Out Of Mana
  • OOMF

    One Of My Friends/Followers
  • OOML

    Out Of My League
  • OOMM

    Out Of My Mind

    Out Of My Price Range
  • OOO

    Out Of Office
  • OOP

    Out Of Place
  • OOPS

    Word said after doing something wrong
  • OOS

    Out Of Stock

    Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

    Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
  • OOT

    Out Of Touch
  • OOTB

    Out of the Box

    Happened Once

    Ounce of a drug
  • ONL

  • ONM

    Oh, Never Mind
  • ONNA

    Oh No, Not Again

    Oh No, Not This Again
  • ONO

    Or Near Offer
  • ONOH

    On the Other Hand
  • ONOZ

    Oh No
  • ONS

    One Night Stand
  • ONTD

    Oh No They Didn't

    On the floor laughing my ass off
  • ONUD

    Oh No You Didn't
  • ONYD

    Oh no you didn't
  • OO

    A slang logograph that is used to represent two very wide eyes, often used to express surprise or shock.
  • OO2U

    Option Open to You
  • OOA

    Out Of Ammo
  • OOAD

    Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • OOAK

    One Of A Kind
  • OOBE

    Out Of Body Experience
  • OMDZ

    Oh My Dayz

    Oh My Flying Spaghetti Monster

    Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers
  • OMG

    Oh My God
  • OMGA

    Oh My Giddy Aunt
  • OMGD

    Oh My God Dude

    Oh My Gosh, Not Again

    Oh My Gosh
  • OMJC

    Oh My Jesus Christ
  • OML

    Oh My Legs
  • OMS

    Oh My Science
  • OMSJ

    Oh My Sweet Jesus!
  • OMT

    One More Thing
  • OMW

    On My Way
  • OMWH

    On My Way Home
  • OMZ

    Oh My Zeus
  • ON

    Drunk, high
  • ON ONE

    Under the influence of drugs
  • ONCO

    Or Nearest Cash Offer
  • ONE

    One Love, goodbye
  • OKW/E

    OK What-Ever
  • OL

    old lady

    a woman that was once a lovely young women that is now a lovely old woman

    Long established member of an online community
  • OLED

    Organic Light-Emitting Diode
  • OLF

    One Line Followup
  • OLL

    OnLine Love
  • OLLG

    One Less Lonely Girl
  • OLN

    OnLine Netiquette
  • OLOY

    Only Losers Obey Yolo
  • OLPC

    One Laptop per Child
  • OLTL

    One Life to Live
  • OM

    Old Man
  • OM NOM

    Sound of eating
  • OMA

    Oh My Allah
  • OMAA

    Oh, my aching ass
  • OMAC

    One Man Army Corps
  • OMB

    On My Break
  • OMD

    Oh My Days
  • OMDB

    Over My Dead Body
  • OHW

    On His Way
  • OI

  • OIB

    Oh, I'm back
  • OIC

    Oh, I see
  • OICN

    Oh, I see now
  • OICU812

    Oh, I See You Ate One Too

    Oh, I see you are empty
  • OIK

    Unpleasant, unpopular person
  • OIS

    Oh I see

    Orange Is The New Black - A popular television series about a women's prison with multiple story lines and in it's second season
  • OIY

  • OJ

    Only Joking
  • OJD

    Obsessive Jonas (Brothers) Disorder
  • OJT

    On Job Training
  • OK

    A slang abbreviation of "okay", meaning alright or satisfactory.
  • OKBB

    OKay, Bye Bye
  • OKC

    Oklahoma City

  • OKI

    Okey Dokey, OK

  • OFOC

    Overwhelming Feelings of Concern
  • OFS

    One Finger Salute

    Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (rappers)
  • OGIM

    Oh God It's Monday
  • OGK

    Only God Knows
  • OGKT

    Only God Knows That
  • OGN

    Online Gaming Network

    One good turn deserves another
  • OH

    Other Half
  • OHAC

    Own House And Car
  • OHAI

    Oh, Hi
  • OHDH

    Old Habits Die Hard

    Oh my gosh
  • OHIM

    Oh Hell, It's Monday
  • OHK

  • OHKO

    One Hit Knock Out
  • OHN

    Oh Hell, No!

    One Hand On The Keys, One Hand On The Crotch
  • OHS

    Operator Head Space
  • OHT

    One Handed Typing
  • OCO

    Oh, Come On
  • OCR

    Optical Character Recognition
  • OCT

    On Company Time
  • OD

    Oh Dear

    One Day At A Time
  • ODF

    Own Damn Fault
  • ODG

    Oh Dear God
  • ODL

    Oh Dear Lord
  • ODST

    Orbital Drop Shock Trooper (Gaming)
  • ODT

    On Dis Ting

    One Damn Thing After Another
  • OED

    Oxford English Dictionary
  • OEM

    Original Equipment Manufacurer
  • OF

    Old Fart
  • OFAY

    Offensive term for a white person
  • OFC

    Of course
  • OFGS

    Oh, For God's Sake
  • OFH

    Old Folks' Home
  • OFL

    it means oh what a fricken loonatic
  • OFN

    Old Freaking News

    Gynecologist (OBstetrics and GYNecology)

    One Big Happy Weasely Family
  • OBKB

    Okay, bye bye
  • OBO

    or best offer
  • OBQ

    Oh, Be Quiet
  • OBS

  • OBTW

    Oh, by the way

    Oh by the way I adore you

    OBligatory The World Is A Very Big Place
  • OBV

  • OBVI

  • OBVS

  • OBVY

  • OBVZ

  • OBX

    Old Battle Axe
  • OC

    Own Character
  • OCD

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • OCH

    Oh (Scottish)
  • OCIA

    Of Course I Am
  • OCN

    Of Course Not
  • O/O

    High five
  • O.O

    A slang text emote that can appear as a number of things, depending on which O are capitalized. Can be either a blank stare, confusion, or surprise and shock.
  • O/

    High five
  • O/P

    Out of print
  • O7

  • O:)

    Innocent, angelic
  • O:-)

    Innocent, angelic
  • OA

    Over acting
  • OAN

    Usually used as an abbreviation for "on another note"
  • OAO

    Over And Out
  • OAOO

    One And Only One
  • OAP

    Old Age Pensioner
  • OAR

    On a roll

    On a site right now

    On A Totally Unrelated Subject
  • OAUS

    On An Unrelated Subject
  • OB

    Oh brother
  • OBBY

    Good game
  • OBE

    Overcome By Events
  • OBEX

    Object Exchange
  • O RLY

    Oh Really
  • O

    Ounce (of drugs)
  • O&O

    Over and Out
  • O)

    Clown nose smiley face
  • O-O

    An slang emoticon used to display shock or surprise. Looks like a pair of large, blank eyes with a small mouth in between.
  • O/O