Slang Terms Beginning with M

  • Mook

    A slang insult for a stupid, foolish, and/or insignificant person.
  • MLM

    An initialism that stands for Multi-Leveling Marketing. Also known as pyramid selling, this controversial marketing strategy involves selling memberships to non-salaried workforce, allowing them to sell to others below them.
  • Man

    A slang term appended to the end of a sentence to convey a closeness or personal appeal. Like "dude", has come to not necessarily denote gender.
  • Merica

    A slang expression for "America", but meanings specifically the United States of America and the stereotypical activities of the nation, which include: "Freedom", guns, bald eagles, fatness, and cars, to name a few.
  • Mami

    A Spanish slang term for referring to a woman, especially when used affectionately. Literally means "mommy".
  • Motorboat

    A slang term for the act of pushing your face between breasts, rocking your head back and forth, and blowing outward, simulating the noise of a boat's motor.
  • Minx

    A slang term for a flirtatious, cheeky, or mischievous woman.
  • Momala

    A nickname for Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris. She explained in an interview that her two stepchildren came up with the name.
  • Morena

    A Portuguese word that translates to "brunette" or "tan". Generally, used as a slang term for tan or darker pigmented women.
  • Mississippi Milkshake

    A slang term for a sexual act in which semen is ejaculated into an anus and then extracted into a container and then consumed by both parties.
  • Masterbation

    A common misspelling of the term masturbation, which is the sexual stimulation of one's own genitals.
  • Muff

    A slang term for a woman's vagina or pubic area.
  • Masochist

    A term for person who feels sexual or other gratification from suffering physical pain or humiliation.
  • Mamacita

    A Mexican slang term that translates to "hot momma", though literally this means "little mother". This word is laden with sexual overtones.
  • Meaning

    A term referring to what a word, idea, or action is intending to convey, indicate, or refer to.
  • Mood

    A one-word response to something deemed relatable and descriptive of one's life.
  • Moose Knuckle

    A reference to when a guy's pants are too tight or high up, and their genitalia is visible and looks like a moose's knuckle.
  • Mullet

    Refers to a hairstyle where the hair is longer in the back than on the top, with the sides often kept short.
  • Melanated

    Refers to someone with melanin, dark brown pigment that naturally occurs in hair and skin.
  • Miffed

    Angry or distressed.
  • MWT

    Mint With Tag

    In the case of Super Smash brothers (a video game where famous Nintendo charaters duke it out). Your mains are your charaters your used to playing as, Thou most people only have one main charater per Smash game.

    May The Schwartz Be With You
  • MU

    Miss You
  • MU@

    Meet you at
  • MUAH


    Messed up Beyond All Recognition
  • MUD

    Multi-User Dungeon

    A mispronunciation of the word "American", often said as an imitation person from the Southern United States.
  • MUSH

    Multi-User Shared Hallucination
  • MUSM

    Miss You So Much
  • MUVM

    Miss You Very Much
  • MW

    Most welcome
  • MWA


    Kisses and hugs

    More Will Be Revealed Later
  • MWC

    Married With Children
  • MWF

    Married White Female
  • MWM

    Married White Male ... Just letting you know your "undefined" is incorrect.
  • MWMT

    Mint with mint tags

    Mint with mint tags
  • MWOA

    It means a kiss. Like a French sounding word for a kiss. Used in texting. Like: 'I love you, MWOA!'

    My Southern Comfort's Empty Again
  • MSG

  • MSMD

    Monkey See Monkey Do

    Mini-Skirt No UnderWear
  • MSOF

    Multiple system and organ failure
  • MSOG

    Multiple shots on goal
  • MST

    Must see today
  • MT

  • MTBF

    Mean Time Between Failure

    Make The Best Of It
  • MTCW

    My two cents worth
  • MTE

    My Thoughts Exactly
  • MTF

    More To Follow

    May the Force be with you.

    May The Force Be With You
  • MTG

  • MTH

  • MTLA

    My True Love Always
  • MTO

    Made To Order
  • MTR

    MTR is a common abbreviation which is applicable to many things including the following (but not limited to): 1. Metro (mtr) 2. Meter (mtr) 3. Meteor (mtr) 4. Motor (mtr) 5. Mountain Top Removal (MTR) 6. Mass Trassit Railway (MTR) 7. Ministry of Tourism (MTR) 8. Montreal among many other things...
  • MOS


    Multicast Open Shortest Path First
  • MOSS

    Member Of The Same Sex

    Members of the appropriate sex
  • MOTD

    Message of the Day
  • MOTM

    Member Of The Month

    Members Of The Opposite Sex

    members of the same sex
  • MOTU

    Masters of the Universe
  • MP

    Merry part
  • MPFB

    My Personal Fuck Buddy
  • MPOV

    My Point Of View
  • MPTY

    More Power To You
  • MR

    mentally retarded
  • MRA

    Moving Right Along
  • MRP

    My Romantic Partner
  • MRU

    Most Recently Used
  • MS

  • MSB

    My sexy bitch
  • MMOG

    Massively Multiplayer Online Game

    massively multiplayer online role-playing game - referring to a computer game that connects sometimes millions of players to an online gaming platform / community.
  • MMRD

    My mind is rolled down
  • MMYT

    Mail Me Your Thoughts
  • MNC

    Mother nature calls
  • MNG

  • MNGR

  • MO

    A slang initialism for "Modus Operandi", which is a way of doing something, especially if it's well-established.
  • MOAB

    Mother Of All Bombs

    My one and only true love
  • MOB

  • MOC

    Mint on card
  • MOF

    Matter Of Fact
  • MOFO

    mother fucker
  • MOH

    Medal Of Honor

    One Moment Please
  • MOO

    My own opinion
  • MOOS

    Member Of The Opposite Sex
  • MOP

    MOment Please
  • MLA

    Multiple Letter Acronym
  • MLAS

    My Lips Are Sealed
  • MLG

    MLG means major league gaming or major league gamer. Mostly used in shooting games
  • MLIA

    My life is average
  • MLNW

    Make love not War
  • MLTR

    Multiple Long Term Relationships
  • MM

    A slang response that means "I agree" or "I see". Represents the sound you make while nodding and humming in agreement with someone. This can, however, sound negative, so use caution.
  • MMA

    Meet me at

    Meet me at my place
  • MMB

    Message me back

    Massively Multiplayer Browser-Based Game
  • MMDP

    Make my day punk
  • MMF

    Make Money Fast
  • MMFU

    my mate fancies you
  • MMHA2U

    My Most Humble Apologies To You

    Many Many Happy Returns of the Day
  • MMJ

    Medical Marijuana
  • MMK

  • MMO

    Massive Multiplayer Online - referring to a computer game that connects sometimes millions of players to an online gaming platform / community.
  • MMOB

    Mind my own business
  • MIL

  • MILF

    An slang acronym that means "Mother I'd Like to F**k"
  • MILG

    Make It Look Good

    May I make a suggestion
  • MIMO

    Multiple Input Multiple Output
  • MIN

  • MINK

    Multiple income, no kids
  • MINS

  • MIP

    Mint In Packet
  • MIPS

    millions of instructions per second
  • MIRL

    Meet in real life

    when women hate men. the opposite of misogyny. like racism except against men instead of against a race.

    Miss you
  • MITB

    Man Is The Bastard

    More Information Than I Needed
  • MJM

    Married Jewish Male
  • MKA

    Make additions
  • MKOP

    My Kind Of Place
  • MKP

    My Kind of place
  • MG

    Many greetings
  • MGB

    May God Bless
  • MGMT

  • MHB4U

    My Heart Bleeds For You

    My Heart Bleeds For You
  • MHM

    Members Helping Members

    Many hands make light work
  • MHO

    My Humble Opinion

    My Hats Off To You

    My Hat's Off To You
  • MHS

    Message Handling System
  • MHUM

    Master of Humanities

    Make hay while the sun shines
  • MI

    Marching Illini
  • MIA

    Missing in Action

    Make It A Short GoodBye
  • MIB

    Mint in box
  • MIBG

    Mental image be gone
  • MICU

    mobile intensive care unit

    May I Have Your Attention Please
  • MD@U

    Mad at you
  • MD@UFN

    Mad at you for now

    My Dad is a cop
  • ME2

    Me too
  • MEG

    Mega Evil Grin
  • MEGO

    My Eyes Glaze Over
  • MEH

    Who cares, whatever

    kind of like screwed. it can mean buzzed, drunk, jumped or more.
  • MEZ

  • MF

    Mother Fucker
  • MFB

    Mother Fucking Bitch
  • MFD

    multi-function device
  • MFF

    Male, Female, Female
  • MFG

    Mit freundlichen Gruessen
  • MFI

    Mad for it
  • MFIC

    Mother Fucker In Charge
  • MFM

    Male, Female, Male
  • MFT

    Master File Table

    Mo Fo Who's In Charge
  • MFZ

    Microsoft Free Zone
  • MAYA

    Most Advanced Yet Accessible
  • MB

    My bad
  • MBA

    Married But Available
  • MBCS

    Multi Byte Character Set
  • MBF

    My best friend
  • MBI

    Management Buy In
  • MBLA

    Management by listening around
  • MBM

    Management by means
  • MBN

    Usually refers to "must be nice"
  • MBO

    Management Buy Out

    May be offensive to some

    Must Be Real Fucking Nice
  • MBS

    Mom behind shoulder
  • MBTA

    Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority
  • MBUC

    Mind Bogglingly Unlikely Coincidence
  • MC

    Merry Christmas
  • MCBF

    Mean Cycles Before Failure

    My Computer Is Better Than Yours
  • MCM

    man crush monday
  • MD

  • M2FP

    My Two( three , four etc...) Favorite People
  • M2M

    Machine To Machine
  • M2NY

    Me Too, Not Yet
  • M4C

    Meet for Coffee
  • M4F

    Man seeking woman
  • M4M

    Males For Males
  • M4W

    Man for Woman
  • M8

  • M8S

  • MA

    Mature Audience
  • MAA

    Men At Arms
  • MAB


    Makes A Man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise
  • MAMN

    Me an my nigga
  • MARC

    A common first name for men; an alternative spelling of the name "Mark"

    A Spanish national daily sport newspaper that focuses primarily on football, in particular the Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atl├ętico Madrid.

    Men Always Remember Ladies Because Of Romance Only.
  • MAU

    Mad About You

    May Angels Watch Over You
  • M

  • M$

  • M&D

    Mum and Dad
  • M&M

    Small chocolate candy
  • M&S

    Marks & Spencer
  • M/F

    male or female
  • M/O

    Make Out
  • M02

    My two cents
  • M2

    Me Too
  • M2AF

    Message To All Friends
  • M2CW

    My Two Cents Worth
  • M2D

    Make my day
  • M2F

    Male to female