What does Armbar mean?

Refers to a grappling maneuver that hyper-extends the arm to make the opponent submit.


Other definitions of Armbar:

  • A joint lock technique used in martial arts that targets the arm. Gives the opponent time to submit before long-lasting injury, in most cases. Can be attempted in several variations.
  • A martial arts maneuver in which a person attempts to lock another persons are and stretch it painfully, willing the opponent to submit and lose the match.
  • Grappling someone's arm in such a way that they give up or have a broken limb.

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How to use the term

  • Once the fighter had secured the armbar, the fight was over.

  • It looks like they're just rolling around on the floor, but they're practicing armbars.

  • Get him in an armbar in the next round, he's looking tired and you've got better ground game.


Wikipedia article about Armlock techniques

  • A Miscellaneous that mentions "Armbar."
  • This detailed article goes into the history of various armbar or armlock techniques in different martial arts.

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