What does Anime mean?

A term for any animation, hand or computer drawn, originating from Japan. Derived from the English word "animation", it has many common styles and tropes, but the term refers to any animation.


Other definitions of Anime:

  • Animation works produced in the country of Japan — has many common visual styles and characteristics, but the term encompasses any work produced. Debates about the qualifications of anime can be long and arduous, considering the many factors that go into animation.
  • A reference to the animation style that emerged in Japan and has evolved from manga art styles. Other countries may produce animation that looks visually similar, but the term is reserved for Japanese material.

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How to use the term

  • My partner and I stayed up all night watching a new anime that we just had to finish.

  • While Avatar the Last Airbender has proven itself a classic, we should not specifically say it's anime. We should watch it again, and then Korra.

  • It's not the usual anime I'm crazy about, but Haikyu!! has been amazing. Check it out.


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