What does ABK mean?

An acronym that stands for "Always Be Knolling". Knolling is the practice of laying out related objects in parrallell lines and 90° angles for the sake of a picture.


Other definitions of ABK:

  • Always Be Knolling, which is the practice of laying out tools for activities (like crafting or camping) and taking a social-media worthy photo for sharing of those tools. Often used as a hashtag on Twitter to share your kit and taking pride in your tools.
  • Anybody Killa, an American rapper who is associated with the Insane Clown Posse.
  • Aktien Brewery of Kaufbeuren, which has been active since 1308, and is therefore one of the world's oldest breweries.

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How to use the term

  • Yeah. Lay out the tools on the porch. ABK.

  • Check out my kit for this weekend's backpacking trip #ABK

  • I've heard a lot of clowns, but ABK is the only one I've seen live.

  • When we were in the alps we visited this cool brewery called ABK. It stood for something I can't remember.


Nervous by ABK

  • A Song that mentions "ABK."
  • This music video shows the artist "Anybody Killa" getting ready for a stage show that he is headlining for. It involves him putting on his stage makeup and psyching himself up.

  • Check it Out

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