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The most popular meaning of FHE is: First Hand Experience

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  1. Short (acronym) for Family Home Evening - a weekly family get together, usually held every Monday, that often involves hymns, game activity and treats/snacks/meal. FHE was instigated in 1915, and Mondays were suggested for it to be held on in 1970. Universities and areas with large groups of single people often have a FHE organised for single people to go to each Monday night. FHEs are held by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as Mormons or LDS)...meaning that approx 15.5 million people are involved in FHEs every Monday night world wide.
    Example Usage: Sara made cookies for FHE

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What is FHE?

FHE is First Hand Experience

FHE Means

The definition of FHE is "First Hand Experience".

FHE Definition

The meaning of FHE

FHE means First Hand Experience.

Now you understand the definition of FHE - FHE means "First Hand Experience".

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  1. FHE - Short (acronym) for Family Home Evening - a weekly