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The most popular meaning of DOL is: Dying Of Laughter

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What is DOL?

DOL is Dying Of Laughter

DOL Means

The definition of DOL is "Dying Of Laughter".

DOL Definition

The meaning of DOL

DOL means Dying Of Laughter.

Now you understand the definition of DOL - DOL means "Dying Of Laughter".

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  1. DWL - Dying with laughter
  2. YOL - The Path or the Way
  3. DWOL - Drunk while on line
  4. DFL - Died fucking laughing
  5. DFL - Dead Fucking Last
  6. ROL - rolling over laugihng
  7. FOL - Fuck Our Lives
  8. EOL - End Of Lecture
  9. DIL - Daughter in law
  10. EOL - end of line
  1. $ - Dollar, money
  2. ADAD - Another day, another dollar
  3. CYLBD - catch ya later baby doll
  4. USD - United States Dollar