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The most popular meaning of @}--->---- is: A rose

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What is @}--->----?

@}--->---- is A rose

@}--->---- Means

The definition of @}--->---- is "A rose".

@}--->---- Definition

The meaning of @}--->----

@}--->---- means A rose.

Now you understand the definition of @}--->---- - @}--->---- means "A rose".

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  1. TLK-2-U-L-8-R - Talk To You Later
  2. @$$ #013 - a** hole
  3. @$$HOLE - a**h**e
  4. E-DATING - Online dating
  5. JEAN-MARC - Not Defined
  6. HOT-TEA - Hottie
  7. RE-GIFT - Pass an unwanted gift on to someone else
  8. RESTECPA - Respect (Ali G)
  9. RENIGGA - Someone who backs out of an agreement.
  10. RENIGGER - Someone who goes back on their word. A person who
There are no other slang words that contain acronym @}--->----, or the meaning of @}--->----.